Saturday, September 25, 2010

University Life and Interesting Life Lessons

With the summer over and fall quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to update my blog.
This past month has been a busy one! Moving to my new home Guelph and becoming a student at the University of Guelph. The weeks just seem to be flying. I must say though, that I am really enjoying it here and have settled in nicely.
I am currently swimming a couple times a week with the RTC and it has been awesome, I will start my full program with them in a couple months. I am aslo proud to say that I am officially a Guelph Gryphon Cross Country Runner and I had my debut race today at Western Invitational. And what an experience that was. It will definitely be a day that I never forget.
A lot of lessons learned from today's race:
Lesson 1: High school cross country races and University Cross country races are two completely different things!
Lesson 2: Even if you feel good! Don't be an idiot and run in second place for the first 2km of the race. Keep it a bit conservative!
Lesson 3: If you feel people are starting out the race slow! Its for a reason.... they all speed up as the race progresses!
Lesson 4: Have balls! but play it smart.

Basically today I started out way to fast and died! I ended up coming in 19th place which is still decent, but, golly jeepers these ladies can run fast! I definitely was put into my place. The one thing I can commend myself for, was being fearless! I Definitely made some rookie mistakes, but, since high school I have always just hopped onto the line and ran hard from start to finish. I can see that in University this is not the case, there are a lot of tactics and strategies used. I kind of felt little embarrassed today, however, it showed me I have a lot to learn in the world of sports! Oh well lesson learned and definitely won't make it again!

I am looking forward to trial number 2 at Lehigh Invitational in Pennsylvania next weekend, with some new race strategies in my back pocket :)

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