Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Race of 2011

Today was my first race of the season and it was Junior North American Championships. For the States, Mexico and other South American countries it was a qualifier for PATCO. I decided it would be a good race opportunity as I was already here in Clermont for a training camp. I am pretty happy with the outcome (6th place). This was my first Junior triathlon that I have actually led out of the water. However, the swim course was set up to my advantage. Very shallow water for about 200m= lots of sprinting and dolphin diving, which I seem to be half decent at. I had a great transition and rode a little less than the first half lap of the bike by my self until I was caught. I tried to make some breaks in the technical areas with Gab Edwards but I am just not strong enough yet. Onto the run I was feeling little stiff and heavy but I still finished strong. In the elite women's race the run splits were blistering fast. I heard that run course was a little short for all the races but ours, they fixed it in time for our race. It's still early in the season and it was fun to get out and give it a go after a hard 13 days of training. I am looking forward to getting back home to get in some more consitent training and race again in the spring time.

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