Friday, September 19, 2014

Refocus and reset!

It was an honor competing at my second U23 World Championships last month in Edmonton 
RTC girls pre-comping 
Rocking our speedy Nineteen Rogue wetsuits
The race did not go how I had prepared and my performance was sub-par. It was a long fight all the way to the finish line. I had a frustrating experience but none the less a good learning lesson and finished a respectable 16th place. 

Getting ready for race start
Carving those corners on my Devinci racing machine
Out onto the run
This photo captures exactly how I felt at the finish
 My racing for the weekend was not yet done! I had to refocus and set my emotions aside to race the debut U23/Junoir World Mixed Relay Event. We were in contention for a medal and I was going to have to put in a strong leg along with my team mates.

Trying to run like the wind and maintain our second place position 

Tagging off to Tyler our team anchor

Our team ended up battling for a podium spot and won Bronze. It was an exciting and invigorating event! I was unbelievably proud to stand on the podium with my team mates and represent the Canadian flag. A great way to end the weekend! 

The team with Simon Whitfield

Huge shout out to my sponsors the their support on my journey! Thank you for your help Devinci with Bits n Bikes, CEP, Nineteen HoneyMaxx, Altra and Titika. Also a mention to the Crimps and some of the crazy adventures we have embarked on, you guys have made me one tough cookie. 

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