Monday, October 17, 2011

Myrtle Beach Continental Cup

This past summer season of triathlon was my last year of Junior Elite racing at the sprint distance level. I was fortunate enough to get to travel all across the county competing in the Tech Jr. Elite series. I got to race in St. Malo Manitoba, Jr. Pan-American Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, a series race in Penticton BC, Ontario Provincials in Ottawa, and I capped off my season with Junior Nationals in Kelowna BC.

It was after Jr. Nats that I was still hungry to compete. I am moving up to the U23 Elite age next season. I figured my first Olympic Continental Cup in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on the 10th of October would be the perfect opportunity to gain some experience.

In September I was also going to train with the Guelph varsity cross country team and compete for the Gryphons, train for my first Elite Olympic distance race, and manage a full course load in my Biomedical Science program. So my preparation for this race was quite frantic and not the most ideal. I was just looking to have fun and see what elite racing is all about.
Myrtle Beach was the perfect venue to host a race and the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect! It was overcast and the right temperature for racing. Man oh man! Was that one tough race! I am glad I did and it was quite the experience. I finished 14th out of 15 and 2 girls were lapped out. Here is a link to the results
Here is link to a short video of the race (I am the girl in the red suit with the last name Jamnicky and CAN written on it) spot me if you can:

Here is my race report:


Everything felt pretty good and ran smoothly. I felt pretty good and I ate my pre race gel.

I had an outside spot on the pontoon. Dive was great and my first 170m was strong I was on the tail end of lead pack. There was (I kid you not) the strongest current I have ever had to swim in. We were drifting off course. After the shielded 180m in the marina the first 90 degree turn was with the current so we were all getting rammed into the buoy. At this point I was still at the tail end of the lead pack. I kept it this way until the second buoy. It wasn't until I turned around to come back against the current that the gap formed. Man it took forever to get the last buoy before turning into the marina. I literally felt like I was swimming in the same spot and girls were passing me and the pack was getting further and further away. I sucked it up and finished the first loop and went onto the second. For the second loop I just tried to survive and not let the gap between me and the other girls get bigger. I came out of the water three minutes down on the leaders


Running up the ramp I thought I was alone but there was a girl behind me and I was happy to run into T1 knowing I would at least have someone to bike with.


The girl and I worked very well together on the bike. By the second loop we had caught the two girls ahead of us and by the third loop we had caught the rest of the field that wasn't in first pack. I was pushing the pace with the girl who came out of the water with me. We were the only ones who were working and the rest of the girls were sitting in or not strong enough to pull.


Came into T2 first in my chase pack. Once I got off my bike I had lots of trouble getting my shoes on. I was trembling and my hands wouldn't stop shaking.

Run: The fast runners in my pack ran away right off the bat. I was running in 13th for the first loop. I kept the first loop moderate and controlled. On the second loop I felt stronger so I made a surge on the girl in 12th place and kept it and was gaining on 11th place. It wasn't until the third loop that I felt the brick wall. I was passed by the girl who I surged and another from behind, halfway on the third loop. My legs started to feel like a million pounds each and the rhythm I felt on the second loop was gone! For the rest of the run it was a matter of survival. The last loop I thought I was granny jogging. I just wanted to finish badly and I was in so much pain.

I am a little disappointed with my race in general but I did my best and it was definitely an experience. I was hoping to have a better swim and the current set me back a bit (but I guess everyone was in the same boat) so it’s no excuse. This race definitely showed me how much harder Olympic racing is and I have my work cut out for me. I really have to aim to run under 40 minutes off the bike. I wasn't expecting an extraordinary result because my prep for this race was quite minimal. Reality has set in and I got my slap in the face. Reminds me of my first year of racing Junior Elite, it can only go up from here. I also was selected randomly for a drug test which was pretty cool. I definitely know what it means to work now and I am prepared to put in the work this winter.


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